Common Iora

Common Iora, Photo: Maroof Rana

ফটিক জল / তৌফিক

Aegithina tiphia , (Linnaeus, 1758)

রাজ্য / Kingdom: Animalia
বর্গ / Order: Piciformes
পরিবার / Family: Aegithinidae
গন / Genus: Aegithina
প্রজাতি / Species: A. tiphia

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It’s a small bird living in the high canopy. Breeding adult male is uniformly black to black mixed with yellow on the upper part and rich yellow below with white wing bars.

Non-breeding male has greenish underparts, black wings with white wingbar. Female is as like the non-breeding male.

Its bill is blue-grey, slate blue-grey legs and feet.It has variety of calls, most commonly whistling “twiii-tuiii-twiiii”.

Distribution: Throughout Southeast Asia in wooded areas, scrub, cultivated lands and open forests.


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