Nature Study Society (NSSB) Activity Report – 2004 to onwards.

Weekly Meetings
Meetings are held every Tuesday at 6:00 P.M. at our NSSB Information Center: 23-24, Baitul Aman Masjid Complex, 1st floor, 7, Inner Circular Road, Motijheel, Dhaka-1000. The activities of the previous week and planning for the following are the main point of discussion. The topics concerns – The World Environment Day Rally, NSSB activities and field works, Membership confirmation, Web site development, publication of our newsletter ‘Nature Study’ and magazine ‘Nature Study Digest’, Trainings and HRD programs.

Monthly Field Trips
Field works are organized every month to a suitable location of natural interest for the observation and data collection of Birds, Butterflies, animals, with their eco-ethological conditions and conservation status. The occasional trainings of the society create members to lead and guide the junior participants from any ‘Nature Study Club’, to make them aware practically about nature and its resources. We are capable of carrying our fieldworks and training others in this concern. Anybody interested in ‘Nature Study’ can join our field trips or our concerned trainings and may become a member of our society or can open a ‘Nature Study Club’ under our supervision at his area. You can even communicate over telephone (01711-890113, 01617-748426) or mail (,

Training Programs
Occasional trainings on – Nature Photography (PTP), Journalism (JTP), Field Work (FWTP), Club Management (CMTP), Office Management (OMTP) etc. are the regular activities of our society. Usually the members of NSSB or members from ‘Nature Study Clubs’ participate these trainings with a view to understand their position as a member as well as render service towards Nature and its conservation. Anybody interested in our training can communicate at our Information Center over telephone (01711-890113) or web-Mail ( You can easily visit our web site ( or read our publications for the latest updates.

We have been trying our best to enhance our collection and propagation of news, facts and information on nature and related issues, since the beginning, with a view to motivate people to make them aware about nature and its conservation. Our society’s newsletter Nature Study was published for a short while during 2004-06 for this purpose. Later, we developed our web sites – and But, ultimately these two were merged together to form the present one – Anybody can communicate to us anytime, online or in person and give us authentic and valuable information or articles (with photos and reference) on nature or conservation issues. A new half yearly magazine, Nature Study Digest is underway, and the present one is the first issue of it. We look forward in enhancing our publications continuing the present ones and making our newsletter a regular quarterly.

Participation in a Rally on the World Environmental Day
5th June is the World Environment Day. The Department of Environment of The Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh organizes a rally on this occasion which is held every year on or around 5th June, with a view to build public awareness about natural resources and man-made disasters. Our members along with the members of Notre Dame Nature Study Club always participate this rally starts from the Shahbagh Square and ends at the Press Club. Beside, national level programs are held later at the Osmani Smriti Milonayton. The Honorable Minister for Forest and Environment of the Govt. inaugurates the proceeding of this magnificent rally. A huge number of nature-conscious people from different walks of life and organization participate the rally with colorful banners and festoons. The main theme of the World Environment Day changes year to year depending on the global environmental situation, signifying more attention to given topic for its proper utilization and conservation.

Conduction of NSSB Awareness Program on Snake-bite and its treatment
NSSB has been on the move in conducting awareness programs throughout the country including the Medical Colleges and Universities. For the few recent years it has been conducting an awareness program on Snake-bite and its treatment. It is because, snakebite is an important emergency public health problem in Bangladesh and its estimated incidence is about 600,000 per year with more than 6000 deaths. Though advanced scientific treatment approach is followed for snakebites in many countries of the world but in Bangladesh, it is mostly attempted to be treated by traditional healers called “Ojha”s who take advantage of the public belief and are not capable of providing patients with any kind of treatment. As snakebite is a very common incidence all around the country and conservation of snakes is very crucial to maintain biodiversity, NSSB came forward to take initiative for public awareness regarding snake bite and its scientific ways of treatment. The campaign’s one of the most significant prospects is to train the doctors, medical representatives and students and the traditional healers around the country round the year, about the skills as well as ways of means of scientifically efficient snake bite treatment, proper uses and distribution of antivenin and healing procedures, first aid treatment and most importantly identification of snake and its motive of biting. NSSB has conducted its training programs notably in Chittagong University, Rajshahi University, Jahangir Nagar University, Rajshahi Medical College, Chittagong medical college etc. The awareness education program on snake-bite and its treatment has not yet been organized by Bangladesh Govt. but, NSSB has started and pledged to continue it with a view to make public and medical representatives conscious all over the country and to conserve snakes as a crucial part of nature and biodiversity. The following team members are working at the primary phase in this concern –

Team Members Advisors
Md. Abu Saeed
Asoka Fellow (USA), Wildlife and Environment Consultant, NSSB, Dhaka

Shawkat Imam Khan
Senior Wildlife Biologist,
NSSB, Dhaka

Md. Tarik
Wildlife Biologist,
NSSB, Dhaka

Md. Maruf Ahsan
Wildlife Biologist,
NSSB, Dhaka Dr. M. Farid Ahsan
Professor, Department of Zoology ( Wildlife Specialist )
University of Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh
National Advisor, NSSB
Dr. M. A. Faiz, Ph.D.
Former DG, Directorate of Health Services
Former Professor of Medicine, Dhaka Medical College
& Chittagong Medical College and Hospital
National Advisor, NSSB

Mizanur Rahman Bhuiyan
Asstt. Professor, Department of Biology
Notre Dame College, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Founder, Notre Dame Nature Study Club
Founder Chairman, NSSB

Participation in Nature and Environment oriented Exhibitions –
NSSB participated in different nature and environment oriented exhibitions and fairs notably in Prokriti Mela (Jan, 18 2013 and 2014), JU Biodiversity Fair (May 23, 2013) and JU Bird Fair (December, 2013) in order to expose its members and their activities to the public. These participations play a vital role in public engagement, networking and knowledge sharing of different levels and various aspects in between the NSSB members and other alike organizations as well as public, from time to time.

Report by – Shuhan Syeed, General Secretary, NSSB
& Salman Bin Sultan, Corporate Member, NSSB