Three new primate species discovered in Madagascar

19 April, 2016

Scientists have identified three new species of mouse lemurs in Madagascar, taking the total number of known mouse lemur species to 24, reports PTI. As little as 20 years ago, only two species of these small, nocturnal primates were known. The newly identified species live in the South and East of Madagascar and increase the number of known mouse lemur species to 24, researchers said. Mouse lemurs are small, nocturnal primates, which are only found in Madagascar – and they all look very similar with their brown fur and large eyes. Different species can be distinguished reliably only by means of genetic methods. “By using new, objective methods to assess genetic differences between individuals, we were able to find independent evidence that these three mouse lemurs represent new species,” said Peter Kappeler, from the German Primate Centre (DPZ). In addition, the analysis confirmed the status of the previously described 21 species.

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Photo Source: sciencedaily